Home Appraisal Dos and Don’ts

To be able to sell a home was hard even before the market began to fall. Nowadays every single penny matter more than before – which means that every dangling gutter, every leaky window, and every horrid cabinet can be very important in the price of your home.

Whereas we all have a typical tendency to dwell in the places we live, the reality is that a lot of modification that you make or do not make can have an impact or ruin the value of the appraisal of your home.

Home Appraisal Dos and Don'ts

So, what should you do and should not do before and after performing a home appraisal?

You can find the answer in this article that provides some tips from the professional appraiser all over the country and check out for more info in Houzz.

When you do remodelling: Do handle all the main features in every room.

Bathroom – Do have:

  • New fixed appliances and mirror
  • If necessary, a freshly coated tub
  • Natural light
  • Adequate ventilation
  • New or repair cabinetry

Don’t leave your bathroom without having enough lighting or have any old colours or materials.

Kitchen – Do have:

  • An open design
  • Up to date harmonious appliances, stainless steel
  • Additional perks such as dual dishwashers, small beverage refrigerators, a central vacuum clean-out and instant hot water
  • Countertops made from granite
  • Custom-made cabinetry

Don’t think of repairing old cabinetry or countertops. These items have to be changed if you wish to increase the value – new equipment will not be sufficient to repair them.

Interior design – Do:

  • Include a smooth and open design. Anything that feels too crowded or does not make any sense may need some help from a qualified contractor before it goes to the market
  • Consider the potential. Does your basement have the ability to turn into another room like a media room, or are the height of the ceilings too low?
  • Repair negative features whenever possible. Small bathroom or rooms which are acquired an access through the other rooms, small kitchen and slanted second-floor ceilings can be disadvantage

Don’t need to be worried about the replacement of features which are normal for the home’s age and area. Appraisers do take into consideration the way the home works in the area and for its age.

Exterior – Do:

  • Select greenery that is perennial and evergreen so that your lawn will always have a patch of bright colours
  • Install new light fixture for the exterior
  • Build on extra touches such as planter boxes or shutters to add your exterior charm
  • Apply a fresh paint on the front door
  • Maintain your grass and landscaping look healthy and not untidy
  • Remove and replace broken-down fencing

Do take notice of inexpensive finishing touches that can mean something. Chipped or peeling paint, exposed insulation or pipe insulation, mildew, noticeable dry mould are small details that can be seen by your appraiser. If your home has a basement, you need to make sure that there is no water leak, mildew or moisture. Noticeable evidence will be reported in the appraiser’s report.

Don’t make any effort to change the style of your home. Make sure that your home always maintains its style and harmonise with the features that improve it the most according to Tom Blair, appraiser of Justin Thomas Appraisal in San Ramon in California.

Before appraisal:

  • Do create a list of current improvements you have done to your home. Consider big and small improvements – this can vary from remodelling the kitchen to painting your deck. Ensure your appraiser hold a list when he compares your home to the other properties in the area.
  • Do have a word with your appraiser before conducting the inspection. Discuss with your appraiser about your house and its history. It is very important for you to tell him the history of your house related to any dangerous material, such as asbestos, within your home. If the appraiser recommends asbestos removal, then you have engaged an expert in your area. If you live in Sydney, then hire an expert for performing asbestos removal in Sydney (https://www.asbestoswatchsydney.com.au/asbestos-removal-sydney/).

You also have to check the history of the appraiser, how long he has involved in the business, and how much knowledge that he has about the business. To get a just appraisal is by having an experienced and knowledgeable appraiser in the local market.

  • Don’t try to foresee the value of the appraisal base on the listings in your area. There are too many aspects that need to be taken into consideration.
  • Don’t stage your home for the appraiser. You don’t have to do any staging till you are ready to show your home to your prospective buyers. Sprucing up and cleaning here and there for the appraiser is good but it is not crucial.

After your appraisal:

Do think about getting a second opinion. A lot of lenders will not let multiple appraisals for a loan. However, if you are not receiving an appraisal for lending, it can be useful to get more than just one opinion related to the value if you believe that your home has been terribly undervalued.

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