Five Most Dirty Objects in a Hotel Room

Everyone knows that the same hotel room is used by many different people. You need to know, any item in the dirtiest hotel room, and sometimes escape the cleaning.

However, it all depends on you. The better the hotel is, the more there are hotel servants who do their job well and cleanly against the newly occupied rooms.

If you are unsure of the hotel where you stay, you can prepare yourself for everything. Here are reviews of dirty objects and need to be cleaned by hotel maids.

Five Most Dirty Objects in a Hotel Room

1. Cushion cover

Of course pillowcases should be replaced, from one guest to the next. It may not look stained, but surfaces that are touched by the hair and faces of people need to be washed. If you have allergies, it’s good to bring your own pillow cases before staying at the hotel.

2. Remote TV

In the house alone, most people do not put the TV remote into the daily cleaning routine. So is the hotel room.

A microbiologist from the University of Arizona, Luisa Ikner, picked up swabs from various items in the hotel room and found that the TV remote in each room was ranked highest on the list of germs.

Ikner analyzed the results in the laboratory and found “E. coli colonies” among potentially harmful contaminants. He noted, it shows there is contamination of faeces on the remote.

“So maybe someone uses the toilet and does not wash their hands when they are done,” Ikner explains.

Things you can learn, you can sterilize the remote before touching it or at least wipe with wet wipes.

3. Blanket

If you always feel strange with the top layer of blankets in a hotel bed, you are not alone. The blankets make the mattress and room look nice, but they may not be cleaned on every use.

A CNN investigation found that bed sheets may only be replaced four times a year. Bring an extra blanket, if it can be a good idea, you do not need to use the hotel blanket.

4. Glass

Several investigations have found that many servants quickly rinsed glasses away without washing them. All you can do is rinse and wipe it with a dry tissue before use.

5. Phone

Want to get room service? Usually, the phone is the first thing you go to. In virtually all hotels part of the “Today” event investigation, the phone ranks high on the list of most germ-infested items. Like the remote, the phone’s surface is often ignored during routine cleaning. In fact, the phone includes the most touched goods in the hotel.

Well, you still think all is clean and okay?

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