Five Main Points Kitchen That Should Be Cleaned

The kitchen is one of the most vulnerable in the dirty house room. How not, cooking activities and preparing dishes, of course, leave a lot of food scraps and stains.

Not only the dishwasher or the trash can but also other areas. Of the entire kitchen area, there are five main points that you should also prioritize cleaning. Kitchen stores more bacterial potential than toilets.

Five Main Points Kitchen That Should Be Cleaned

1. Window

Not just the kitchen table or counter top is splashed, sometimes the kitchen window is also contaminated by the hands of children or pets. Take time to clean the kitchen window glass with a damp cloth or with a little extra dish soap.

2. Cabinet surface

Food processing often leaves food drops or drinks on the surface of the kitchen cabinet. Clean before becoming stubborn crust and harder to remove.

3. Curved kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets have indentations on the surface of the door or the edges. This curve is often a place to build dust. Clean the dust, so it will not fly and contaminate your food.

4. Electric oven

One of the cookware that is often forgotten to clean is an electric oven or microwaves. When used, not infrequently the part in the microwave is fouled by the splash of food warmed in it.

You can use a mixture of water and warmed soap to evaporate in the microwave, to remove stains and crust attached.

5. Fridge door

Every day, almost all family members touch or hold the fridge door handle to open it. Both with clean hands or dirty, the fridge door handle will gradually be dirty. Clean periodically so that the part is not a place of development of germs.

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