Hi, my name is Luke and I’m a business enthusiast. I currently live in Sydney and work as an entrepreneur. I would call myself a free and lateral thinker. Overall, very open, inquisitive, purposeful, analytical and creative people, sometimes maybe something rebellious and dogged.

I like to shape and implement things. I am reluctant to be satisfied with the status quo, and as a child, I have driven my parents crazy, because I wanted to know who was actually the “man” who “does not do this and that”.

In addition, I am fascinated by companies that translate the idea into a marketable offer and whom develop a successful business model. And I like working with people who have the courage to start something new or to change something. With my experience, I would like to help these people to be successful in order to have the impact I personally want.

My entrepreneurial career

I founded my first company in 1999. We got funded by an Australian company, managed the recession with a lot of youthful drive, were able to build up a very profitable company and decided in 2004 to sell it to a competitor. Subsequently, I made some investments and founded two other companies.

In summary, I would describe this phase as a very intensive but also exciting time. At the end of 2013, the end came: twelve years of start-up and agency life, spiked with entrepreneurial ups and downs had left their mark. Since 2015, I have been helping companies to develop better digital business models and, above all, to put them into practice.